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Size: Small (75% of women)
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  •  World’s most comfortable earplug
  •  Smart Seal™ ensures a perfect fit
  •  Wear comfortably for hours
  •  No plugged up feeling
  •  Replaces custom earplugs
  •  Will not sweat, tickle or itch
  •  Use your cell phone while wearing
  •  Helps prevent ringing in the ears
  •  Replaceable sleeves save money!


  • Enjoy your music clearly
  • Use your cell phone
  • Suppress wind noise - reduces rider fatigue / ringing ears!
  • Wear under helmet comfortably
  • Will not sweat, tickle or itch
  • Does not make you feel plugged up
  • Reusable - saves money over standard foam earplugs


Tip on sizes:

  • 75% of men use Medium 
  • 75% of women use Small
  • 75% of young adults use Small

Most people already know if they have small ears due to their experience with other earbuds.   Don't worry, there is some definite overlap in the sizes.   If you guess wrong, you can always exchange them within 30 days.   





Most earplugs use expansion to press against the ear canal to create a seal. This causes
irritation and makes them uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Earasers’ plug was
originally designed as a tip for a hearing aid and is currently the most popular tip in the industry.
Utilizing a patented design that spreads the contact over a wide area of the canal, they create a soft seal
that flexes with jaw movement. These are actually more comfortable and provide a more stable seal
than custom molded earplugs. How comfortable? They are being worn by thousands of people for 15
hours a day, 7 days a week.

Filter Technology:

Many filters promote a “flat attenuator” that is supposed to be like turning down the
volume. Unfortunately, our ears are not linear and do not hear all frequencies equally. They are more
like a radio equalizer with a bell curve response with the mid-range, between 1kHz and 6kHz, turned up
by as much as 15dB. Blocking too much of the low frequencies causes occlusion, that head in a fish bowl
effect. Blocking too much of the highs destroys the natural liveliness. Earasers’ filter instead matches
the resonance of the ear canal, focusing more of the attenuation in the range between 1 kHz and 6 kHz.
This provides the ear drum with a flat frequency response that sounds natural and allows the wearer to
actually hear all of the frequencies more clearly.


Design Technology:

Earasers places the filter in the canal, closer to the ear drum, to reduce any effect
on the natural flow of sound. This maintains directionality and more of the nuances of the music. All of
the other designs, including custom molded plugs, place the filter on the outside of the ear and then
direct the sound through a tube until it reaches the ear canal. If you have ever talked through a paper
towel roll, you know that sound resonates against the tube wall and naturally clips the high frequencies.
This is evident in the attenuation charts, where their attenuation level spikes above 6 kHz.


Price Comparison: Let’s start with the fact that if you aren’t happy with the earplugs you are wearing,
does it really matter how much you paid for them? Most people buy earplugs, and then rarely wear
them because they are uncomfortable or sound terrible. The closest product in quality would be a
custom molded earplug, and those are typically 3 to 4 times as expensive. However, it all comes down
to satisfaction of the user. Some people just want to block sound, regardless of the quality. They will
probably be happy with a foam plug. For most musicians, though, they want something that is
comfortable, sounds great, and doesn’t make them feel detached from the music. If you can provide
them a solution, most wouldn’t think twice about spending $40.


Re-usable AND Renewable:

Let’s add some more value…Earasers will last the typical musician 6 to 12
months with regular use. After that amount of time, ear wax and oils will start to degrade the silicone
sleeve. With most earplugs, you just throw them away and buy a new pair. With the introduction of the
Earasers Renewal Kit, you can re-use the filter assembly and replace the silicone sleeve. The kit costs
just $20 for two pair of sleeves, so renewing your earplugs is just $10 per pair.


NRR Ratings:

An indication of the potential protection provided by an earplug, based on laboratory test
of actual user results. Unfortunately, low frequencies are weighted more, and results can be skewed if
the wearer doesn’t get a good seal. Results are provided for average and standard deviation. Our belief
is that since our ears are more sensitive to frequencies between 1k and 6k, those should weigh more
heavily on the rating. This is supported with the fact that around 80% of noise induced hearing loss is
focused in that same range. The results from the lab test show an obvious flaw in 3 of the respondents’
fittings which skewed the results. One test subject actually recorded an increase in dB levels when
wearing our earplugs. We attempted to get this excluded from the results, but that would require a
complete new evaluation at full cost. Since it hasn’t affected customer willingness to try us, and
feedback throughout the industry is so positive, we decided it wasn’t worth the investment.

Customer Reviews

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Ear plugs

They help a lot. I have pair but lost the one that I use. Which is the left ear plug. As I’m deaf in my right ear. So I purchased ear plugs so I don’t loose anymore hearing. They do help! My ear doesn’t ring with this ear plug in after riding on the motorcycle. That is a good thing.

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